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What to Do When Your Mac Won’t Start Up

My Macbook Pro suddenly shut down and is not turning on, no chime, no apple logo. There was no exposure to water. However, I had kept a steaming bowl of hot water right next to the laptop. But this was in an open kitchen. I charged it for another 10 minutes and tried to switch on, but no luck.

Mac won't turn on: What to do?

I charged it completely till the magsafe indicator turned green, still does not turn on. So assumed that the battery is charging fine. I opened the mac and saw no visible corrosion or moisture two tiny dots below the battery case are white and haven't turned red. SMC reset - With the magsafe adapter connected, when I do the reset the charge indicator turns green from orange. Its been only a year and three months I bought this in India.

Could the logic board die out so soon? How to pinpoint if it is indeed the logic board? I am currently based in a small town in Germany with no apple genius store around. I will be visiting the store in February. Meanwhile any help would be appreciated. The 13" will only boot when the charger is connected if the battery is plugged in too: Thanks for the prompt reply reecee and rany! I did the following in sequence. I thought it would start with charger alone. Point taken Show 23 more comments. Reece reecee. When trying to attempt to boot it, press the trackpad.

If it clicks, the MacBook is coming on but is not displaying picture, chiming or another issue , if not, the MacBook is completely dead, which will be an issue with the logic board.

Macbook Won't turn on Easy Power No Charging (Solved)!!

The force touch trackpads will only click when the MacBook is on, so this is a good indicator when diagnosing these. Remove the logic board and check it for any liquid damage. Remove the tape at the top of the board this covers components, sometimes liquid is underneath this. The MacBook should boot when the battery is reconnected and the charger plugged in, so there is clearly an issue with the logic board.

Trackpad gives no click after reconnecting the battery and charger. So, as you said it is a logic board issue.

What To Do if your MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On

I'll try removing the board and see if there has been any accidental liquid spill without my knowledge. I have the same issue except my trackpad does click.

  • usb 3.0 mac os x 10.8!
  • Ensure It Has Power;
  • Check for display issues.
  • 1. Check If the Mac Has Power?
  • Test and retest.
  • If your Mac won't turn on.

But my screen is still black and heard no chime and my battery is fully charged. Follow this guide here: Francis, I'm having the same issue and I wanted to check your link but it's broken. I hope you can see this message and send us an updated link. Show 4 more comments.

Check connections

First, determine whether the battery is removable. Learn more about Mac notebook batteries. Using the built-in keyboard, press Shift-Control-Option on the left side of the keyboard, then press the power button at the same time.

  1. Check the Hardware;
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  5. Hold these keys and the power button for 10 seconds. As mentioned above, mine is an early retina Pro and hence battery is not removable. Already tried the SMC reset. No signs of life. Does your Macbook work again? I have a similar issue.

    3. Perform the special power cycle

    Apple says that I am out of warranty and the German shop notebooksbilliger. Show 14 more comments. Ailsa Law ailsalaw. You can also hold down fn-ctrl-cmd and the power button, it's the only thing that works on my mac when it just shuts down and becomes completely unresponsive even though the battery is full. Holding down the power button for 10 seconds and the p and r key thing don't work and don't feel comfortable opening the back.

    Show 16 more comments. I am in Montreal on a business trip, and fortunately there is an Apple Store two blocks away that opened at 8 this morning. Turns out I brought a 65 watt charger with me. It did resurrect at the Apple Store on an 85 watt charger. February Krishna Murti. Unfortunately I had the same issue.

    I tried all the options, however nothing worked. I was told by apple care that there was a liquid found in the motherboard and hence it happened. It still does not seems to be a convincing reply to me. Seems to me it could be the moisture formed on some part in motherboard which could have caused it.

    Siddharth Patil buddha. The battery died while the laptop was left running and it wasn't powering bank on. None of the reset key combinations suggested would power it on. Check for display issues If your Mac doesn't appear to turn on, it's possible that the computer is turning on but the display isn't working.

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    Then check for these signs that your Mac is turning on, even if the display remains dark: You might hear a startup chime. You might hear fan or drive noise. If your Mac has an LED sleep indicator, it might turn on. If your Mac notebook has a backlit keyboard, it might turn on.

    When you press the Caps Lock key, the key's light turns on. Check for power issues If your Mac won't turn on and you've ruled out display issues, try these steps: Make sure that the power cord and adapter are securely connected to your Mac and plugged in to a working electrical outlet. Plug in a lamp or other device to make sure the outlet works.

    Leave the power adapter connected long enough to provide an adequate charge to the battery. Check for other issues Try these steps if you've ruled out power and display issues: Disconnect all accessories that are plugged in to your Mac. This includes things like printers, USB hubs, and mobile devices.