From what little has been described so far, it sounds more like Classic will be a mask over the live version rather than a completely separate animal, so if you can run live, then I image you should be able to run Classic.

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Nov 9, 1. Nov 11, Nov 12, Nov 14, Just hope they bring back classic AV. Mac content: Nov 16, My suspicion is they are going to use a more modern client and import geometry and customize the LUA interface to allow modern systems but use older designs. Nov 20, I just want to point out that Blizzard has a track record of wanting it's Mac users to be on the most recent OS from Apple.

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However as we have heard from Apple regarding High Sierra, it's that it will be the last macOS to have 32 bit support. Which proposes a great issue for when Blizzard puts out Classic. On an older hard drive I found from years ago before I changed it out and put in another before moving on to another machine entirely , I have found that the client application for Vanilla is not 64 bit.

Vanilla WoW Download – 1.12.1 Client

So here we already have an issue facing purists who want absolutely no changes included into Classic. And they'll likely insert slippery slopes and straw-mans against pragmatic QoL system improvements to the game: Utilization of Metal 2. CASC data format -Backporting of the current version of Warden for anticheat detection, can't have Honorbuddy be defeated in retail only for them, or others, find another home in Classic -And any other code improvements that Blizzard is going to include for BfA Not to mention the countless additions to the system and interface menus that as I can remember didn't exist back then.

Namely colorblind support. So as it stands, these key points will logically need to be addressed and will likely be included regardless. So that Blizzard can release a game to a wider audience and without drawing ire from players and media for lack of parity between retail and Classic.

The real question is if there will be support for today's resolutions and graphics not talking updated models. Meaning collection of transmog items that only existed during vanilla will allow them to be used for retail.

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Posted November 7, Hi guys, I really want to join these servers and play some classic wow and I don't know wether I am being a moron but is there any guide on the website or forums of how to download and install the WoW 1. I can't find any torrents for Mac OS. Thanks for your help!

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I don't know anything about Mac clients, but i'll link you some threads that might help you.

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