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Shade Range — One reason I always fall back to MAC is because they include a variety of shades to suit just about anyone. The Pro Longwear line comes in 16 shades to match not only light to dark shades but also warm and cool tones. And there you have it! I think this is a great concealer that covers superbly and still looks so natural on the skin.

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MAC Studio Fix 24-Hour Liquid Concealer (Various Shades)

Review for: NC42 more I was looking for a good concealer that would clear my dark circles and cancel any redness. Sometimes I apply with my finger and sometimes with a beauty blender but it really depends on how much coverage I want. Skin Tone: Skin Type: Skin Concerns: Like This? NW45, Nw40 more Love love love!

Pro Longwear Concealer

MAC is my fave and this concealer is another reason why. This is a medium consistency concealer. I love that their pro longwear formula is full coverage.


I prefer this concealer over most. I definitely would purchase again.

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Combination Sensitive. Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4. NW35 more I use NW35 for under eyes, I love the finish and the coverage of this concealer, but I hate the package. It's so hard to control how much product with a pump. Here are some face base products that I use for shade reference: Oily Combination Sensitive. May 29, , 3: NC45 more I love this concealer.

I've repurchased it about 3 times now and find it to be very opaque and what I love most about it is that it is super light weight and very easy to blend.

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It also looks very natural on the skin so I am even able to wear it on days that I don't wear foundation. Although I love the concealer I do have two small issues with the packaging of the product. You have to keep this product stored up right.

I've found that when I lay it in my makeup container on its side all of the product goes on the side. This is a problem because when you go to use it sometimes the product barely comes out. There have been times when I thought I was out of the product but I would sit it upright for a while then come back and try it again and I would get full pumps of product like nothing was ever wrong.

The second issue I have with he packaging is the pump itself. Although it is nice and not to mention sanitary to have the pump I do wish it was easier to control how much product you pump out.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (Various Shades)

If you are not careful it is very easy to pump out too much product which then leads to me wiping the excess off which is a waste of product and money. The last complaint I have isn't with the packaging but with the smell.

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If you have never tried a mac product before just be warned that it does have a strong chemical odor to it. The good thing I find though is that the smell does not stay once it is applied to the face and melted into the skin. Overall this is still one of my go to concealers and I especially love it underneath my eyes because it is full coverage but super light. The price is also good and I find that the product last me for quiet some time when I'm not thinking it's empty because I left it on it's side lol.

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