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But I'm afraid that the computer cannot boot normally again after changing the drive. Do you know how to do it? Let me know if you have any solutions.

3 steps to change and upgrade Mac SSD to a bigger SSD

As it's known that all Mac computers and devices are all produced with SSD drive which speeds up macOS, making Mac users to enjoy a fast running speed while using their computers. It's a really amazing experience. However, the Mac SSD also has a problem that the storage space is very small. This would leave Mac users quite small available space for saving fancy programs, software, games and important data. Fortunately, you have a second choice now.

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You can follow below-offered steps to expand Mac storage space and upgrade Mac SSD to a bigger one now. You can directly follow and apply below-offered steps to change and upgrade your Mac SSD drive to a bigger one now. No data loss issue will happen. In order to avoid unexpected data loss trouble while upgrading Mac SSD drive to new drive, your best choice is to clone Mac drive with powerful Mac disk clone software.

It's fully compatible with new macOS Let's make it clear. The operation is to clone the existing harddrive to a new [bigger] one and not about migrating the disk. The latter one is much more involved [painful]. The procedures outline in this article in general is sound but because Winclone is involved or needed and there is couple cautions have to take.

Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive

Each individual case operation may be slightly different. For example, my hard drive had 3 partitions, one for Mac, one for BootCamp and one can be access and modified by either Mac or Windows system. That is: Close the window and re-boot the machine. Machine will enter DOS mode and do chkdsk. When everything done shut down the machine. There is a slight chance that the backup image not restorable been there. Doing a chkdsk with repair option make sure Wionclone does not produce a bad image, I had complained about that to Winclone because I am using Winclone for backups and had a few bad Winclone images.

Clone an Existing Drive

Why not store the image in the new drive as suggested in this article? I used their suggestion to clone with the utility built in OS10 Sierra. Everything cloned via USB cabe and all Windows files and programs followed along. I did not have to purchase any software whatsoever or have to reload any programs or files. Crucial SSD's come with a link for Windows software, but tech support sent a link for Mac instructions. Simple for 65 YO grandad. I love to ski, hike and I occasionally take a Cessna up for a spin.

For more, see my website. Table of Contents. Last Updated: What you'll need: A new drive , which must be the same size or larger than your old drive. The exact drive you pick depends on your machine laptop vs. Browse through MacRumors Forums if you need help. Carbon Copy Cloner , which lets you 'clone' your old drive over to the new drive.

WinClone , to copy the Boot Camp partition. An external USB enclosure if you're using a laptop, an iMac, a Mac mini, or any other machine that only supports one internal drive.

Cloning the Mac OS X Disk

You'll need to connect both the old and new drives simultaneously in order to perform the cloning operation. My favorite for doing drive surgery is the Thermaltake BlacX USB docking station , which lets you stick a bare drive in without screws. The tools necessary for physically replacing the drive. This guide covers the software side; be sure to read the appropriate iFixit guide for your model to learn how to actually physically replace your old drive with the new one.

And, of course, the standard disclaimer: Argue with Apple about that. The first step is to clone your MacOS disk to the new, larger disk. Back everything up. This goes without saying, but you should have all of your files backed up to a third disk, which you will put aside and not touch during this process. I use Time Machine for this backup. Plug the new disk into your Mac. If you have a Mac Pro, you'll likely be able to connect it to one of the internal bays.

If not, you'll have to get a USB enclosure, put the disk in that, and connect it up. Open Disk Utility, and locate the new drive.

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Even if you're also migrating a Boot Camp partition, you want to partition with a single MacOS partition now. Later, you'll use the Boot Camp tools to carve off part of this new partition for Windows, and then restore your existing Boot Camp partition using WinClone. Reboot your machine. Technically this probably isn't necessary, but I like to have an absolute minimum of other applications running when I'm cloning my disk. You should not use your machine during the cloning process. Open Carbon Copy Cloner, and perform a full disk clone the 'Backup everything' option from your old disk to your new disk.

This will take several hours to copy all the data. I recommend you click 'Delete items that don't exist on the source' so you get an exact clone.

Upgrading Your Mac's Internal Hard Drive, Including Boot Camp [StartupCTO]

If you also want to migrate your Windows Boot Camp partition, create an image of that partition once Carbon Copy Cloner has finished. You should be sure to save the image on your new disk, because you're about to get rid of your old one. Turn off your machine and swap the new disk for the old disk.

Doing the physical swap usually isn't too hard, but the details depend on what Mac you have. Once again, iFixIt has some great guides. Once the disk is swapped and the old disk is removed, boot up onto your fresh disk! By now, you should have installed and booted from your new disk, and have an image of your Windows Boot Camp partition on your new hard drive, created with WinClone. Your old disk should no longer be connected to your machine. All replies Drop Down menu.

Loading page content. The hatter The hatter. Not having bootable backup now clone? I'd start making sure to have two backup sets that are bootable, in addition to TimeMachine if you use that also. Maybe use 1TB for backups, and GB drives for system, data, editing. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. What's the best way to set it as the primary storage?

Copy and paste everything in the original to the new one? Dale Weisshaar Dale Weisshaar. Copy and paste will not get everything you need. I like the free demo of SuperDuper to make clones and it seems Hatter does too.

It's free, Tiger and Leopard ready and is easy to use. If you buy the full version you can do incremental backups. You should use Disk Utility to do a Disk Repair, as shown in this link, booted up on your install disk, before you make a clone of it. I then partition my external disk, in Disk Utility, with a partition that is the same size , actually a tad bigger, as my system disk. I then use SuperDuper to clone my system disk over to that partition. You can then use the rest of the drive to store music or back up another Mac. With a clone on an external FireWire drive USB drives are not bootable on Macs you can bootup on it to do your repairs or just run your Mac anytime you have trouble with your main drive.

Be careful, there are a few external FireWire drives out there that are not bootable on Macs. Check the drive's manual to be sure. I was assuming you have an external drive.

macOS Sierra Clone Hard Drive using Time Machine How To