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Download Collins Pro English Dictionary Software by Ultralingua for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Anurati Free Font — Free Design Resources

Ailerons features a unique mix of sharp and soft rounded corners. Its clean, tall letterforms will add a stylish retro-futuristic look to your headlines and titles. The font comes with personal use license. Download it for free in OTF format. Download Ailerons. It belongs to the family of grotesque fonts with a touch of humanist sans serifs in its character set. The font comes with uppercase alphabets, numerals and basic symbols.

Free Futuristic fonts

Font format: Designed as a part of student project by Mateo Rios and Tomas Saldarriaga. Download Vger Grotesque. Astro is a modular typeface with the aesthetics of stencil fonts. An upright, condensed font, Astro is inspired by the astronomical world and is ideal for space themed designs. Download Astro. Alexana Neue is a minimalistic, abstract typeface inspired by the outer space. An all uppercase font, it will work perfectly for creating futuristic space age designs, posters and branding projects. Released by Mark Mora, the font is free for non-commercial use and is available for download in TTF format.

Download Alexana Neue. A Space Odyssey, Star Trek and television. Space Mono is an open source font available on Google Fonts and comes in two weights — Regular and Bold with matching italics. It also supports an extended Latin glyph set. Download Space Mono. Orbitron is a free geometric sans serif font designed as a display type for use in futuristic sci-fi designs.

It comes in four weights — Light, Medium, Bold and Black and includes stylistic alternates, small caps and alternate glyphs. Orbitron is an open source font by The League of Moveable Type. It is also available on Google Web Fonts. Download Orbitron. Neuropol is a sci fi font created by Typodermic Fonts. Its squarish with rounded corners design is based on the popular techno fonts Microgramma and Chimes.

Download it for free from dafont. Download Neuropol.

By Font Name

Exan-3 is a monospace futuristic font from graphic designer Jon Carlos. It includes uppercase characters and numbers. Ideal for use in posters, business cards and headers. The font comes with free commercial use license. Available for download in TTF format. Download Exan Ultra is a neon-inspired font that will look great when set in colors especially hot pinks and bright greens to emulate the neon light aesthetics. You can use this futuresque font in headlines and posters. Designed by Fabien Korn, Ultra comes with free commercial use license.

Font Format: Download Ultra. Exo is a free contemporary geometric sans serif type family designed to convey a technological, futuristic feeling. It is a highly versatile font thanks to its 9 weights, from hairline extra thin to extra bold with accompanying italics. It works well as both display face and for body text.

Exo was successfully funded through Kickstarter and is available for free download in OTF format. It is also available as a web font on Google Fonts. Font Designer: Natanael Gama. Download Exo. It has decorative letterforms that are made up of simple geometric shapes of circles and straight lines.

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The font is free for personal use and available for download in TTF format. Download UFO Nest. Uniform weight lines and disconnected strokes give its letterforms a scientific feeling. It comes in 15 styles and its regular weight is available for free download in TTF format. Designed by Typodermic Fonts.

15 MUST HAVE FREE FUTURISTIC FONTS for Premiere Pro and After Effects 2018 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Download Good Times. Rezland by Fraser Davidson is a free for commercial use techno font. It is an all lowercase font, some of the glyphs such as a, b, d, p feature sharp corners with contrasting smooth curves. It contains a limited characterset of lowercase alphabets, numerals and symbols are not included.

Font Categories

Download Rezland. Beyno is an uppercase only display font great for creating eye-catching headlines, posters and much more. Its stylishly different letterforms can make any text stand out. Download Beyno. Distant Galaxy is a free novelty high-tech font from ShyFonts. Its letterforms remind us of the Star Wars movie title. It is an uppercase font, the lowercase characters are variations of the uppercase characters.

Download Distant Galaxy. The character set includes Greek, extended Cyrillic and covers almost every Latin based language. In fact, the native simplicity of a lot of futuristic fonts makes them perfect for just about any kind of project. A lot of them, you can even consider as default or go-to fonts perfect for moments when you hit a blank wall in trying to come up with new designs for clients.

But not all futuristic fonts are simple and straightforward as mentioned above. There are also some that are bold and highly dramatic. These are perfect for more prominent elements like titles, huge announcements, product labels, and other similar uses. No such fonts in your arsenal just yet? Here are 30 futuristic fonts you can use to have just that.

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Pin It. Vindemia is simple and straightforward. Metros perfectly captures the usual approach for futuristic themes: Its interesting curves and edges make it a great font for your designs if you want audiences to have a peek at what the future may bring. We all know that Tokyo is a place where cutting-edge technology is made, a place that has zoomed us all into the future. Polly is another clean and straightforward family that allows designers to highlight other elements without letting the text just blend quietly into the background.

Etheriq will remind you of highly-advanced aliens riding in spaceships. The strategic breaks in the way each character is drawn gives it that minimalist look and makes it a good bet for sci-fi designs, fashion, architecture, and more. It may be called The Missing Link, but there is definitely nothing missing in this font's design. Raleigh is the perfect example as it delivers that futuristic sci-fi look into your designs with its stencil approach. Cintra is a sans serif font that is simple enough to blend into any design, but still stylish enough to be noticed.

New Awesome & Futuristic Free Fonts for Designers

Considering its great readability, Cintra is great for headings, subheadings, and other groups of text. If you want something cutting-edge, Armadura could be the solution. It has this geometric angular look that is perfect to recreate a futuristic vibe. Overall, a great font to use for sci-fi and tech themes. Robodron will take you straight into a Robocop vibe, with its combination of smooth round curves and sharp edges.

Primus is everything that a great futuristic font should be: It has the right curves and is friendly enough to be used for body text, not just in headlines and subheadings. Inspired by the appearance of binary codes, Hacker gives you the same vibe that The Matrix franchise delivers. Compared to the other fonts on this list, Quam is quite on the playful side. However, it still captures the right corners that futuristic fonts should have. It is highly versatile. Supermolot has been around for some time, but its designers gave it a more modern feel with recent updates, giving it the fresh contemporary look that it now has.

Lion Sans has interesting angles right at each tip, giving it that bold look you might need for designs that are science-based. This font delivers a high quality look and is a great choice for clean designs that portray technology. Aviano Future is fast-paced: Its square design gives it a strong presence, with 6 different weights that allow you to tweak just how commanding you need your text to be.

If robots armed with artificial intelligence could write, this is probably what their handwriting would look like. Its slim, geometric design is perfect for anything related to devices and other high technology instruments. Helios reminds your audiences of movies set in outer space with its interesting curves.

If you want an edgier look, try the alternate version which gives you regular corner options in your characters. Equiva brings a twist into the usual digital feel. Another font that adds a bit more drama into sci-fi designs, Anxiety conveys movement in each stroke. The maze-like lines brings a high level of excitement into the entire look, making it perfect for titles, headings, and other text that you want people to pay attention to in a snap.

It steers clear of added drama, giving it a seamless look that makes it great not only for titles and headlines, but for full bodies of text.