This morning I woke up and after some heavy duty prayer I went to check on it and it is working beautifully. I am so grateful to god for this little miracle and so thankful to you for all your helpful tips. Oh dear, just spilt a little tea, very weak on right side of my 5 month old Mac book! Wish me luck!

Everyone is talking about water on the keyboard. My keyboard and options are working fine, but my screen thin has rainbow stripes down the middle, and kind of psychedelic swirls on the rest of the screen. Can I get just the screen replaced? Stupidly, twice in the past, I spilled a hefty amount of water on the keyboard of my mac air fortunately did have rubber keyboard cover on. Both times there was enough water to drip down the sides and the computer went black within seconds.

Waited a couple of days and both times all seemed to work well whew. This time sadly, today , I knocked over my water and about a cups-worth flooded right up to the side, getting all in there good. Tipped the water out, and wiped off all the surface moisture. Again my computer is taking a breather in a rice bath for a while.

It came back to life and looked wonderful for a few hours but it does not accept power. So it is toast? Genius Bar says it is to fix. So my daughter did a little baptism for my MacBook Air. I freaked out but managed to force a shut-down, the Mac had a mind of its own moments before the shut-down.. It was making all kinds of funny noices. I wiped it with a towel and stupidly tried to power it on. Of course it failed to power on. Then I stumbled on this forum using my phone, read the bit about flipping the Mac facedown on a towel…and I did just that but without the fan or rice. I kept on reading the comments on the thread while I waited and my heart broke at the suggestion of a 3 day wait.

As I was pondering the fate of my Mac…and pending assignments, I heard the start-up chime and saw the apple insigna lite up…after about 30mins! I did not even have to power it on, it booted on its own!!!! But I can sleep-easy. You want to dry it out, even if it is working now, let the internal components dry out.

Put a fan on it, elevate it upside down like this, so that the air can dry out the liquid or water inside. Any residual water can damage the MacBook even if it is currently working. Just did the upside down thing after spilling a water bottle on my air. I just spilled a glass of water directly on my MacBook Air last Friday night. The water seeped in through the keyboards, and the device automatically shut down.

At this point, I realized the power cord was still attached; that was ripped off in my state of panic. So I frantically searched articles to revive my poor darling Delores my MacBook Air and came across this method. I recreated it and waited. However, I also made an appointment with Apple through the advice of a chat representative.

The following day, I ventured across the city to the Apple Store. I opted to give this method a chance. I mean, what was to lose? It is now Tuesday, and I decided to power my MacBook on. Thanks to Paul Horowitz, who shared this article with masses. My life was made infinitely better today. I was so nervous, I kept turning the laptop upside down without turning it off. I let it dry about 1 or 2 hours until i read this article, than i dried it upside down like you did! My scenario seems different than anything I read. I stupidly unlike the vast majority of smarter users here -tried to power it up after wiping it down.

I wanted to cry-I just got it back from recall 2nd repair in 4 months -but it was working like factory. In any case, when I wentto power it up or opened it was white screen and the fans were very loud. Then it powered off and has been off since. Best Buy suggested the same in terms of rice for keyboard to accelerate drying and waiting at least a week. They suggested the initial white screen may just be because of the short circuit in the early stage. I was hoping because windex has ammonia it would dry quicker?

Mine is open right now with the rice on the Keyboard. So i flipped it upside down to dry out and shelved it away for a good 10 days. Next time i turned it on, it worked perfect. I have a repaired macbook air A after liquid damage but i need to have the liquid indicators white again.

I tried bleach, no luck. How can i change the 2 indicators on the SSD back to white or how do i replace the indicators? Im desperate guys! Used blow dryer instead of fan as we did not have and it worked. Blow dried with inverted keyboard as per instructions. Kept blow drier at good distance so not to damage components with heat. Tapped while blow drying to displace any residual water from spill.

After about four hours of drying to trying to plug in, finally got a charging light. When light went green, it turned on. Spilled milk on my macbook pro, I turned it off, upside down and tried to suck the liquid with a vacuum cleaner, waited something about 32 hours to turn it on again. It is working but some keys are really hard to press.

I acted very quickly and turned it upside down imedietly and turned off the laptop. I left it to dry for a few hours then checked the keyboard and worked perfectly fine. The problem is this time it was a coffe with milk and some sugar and I took the same procedure and it seems to work perfectly fine and left it to dry for a while. What should I do? My MacBook appears to be back in commission after the screen blanked out yesterday, and i decided to try the Step 6 technique to resurrect. I watched a 2 hr 48 min movie on my MacBook Pro yesterday evening, and realised at the end of it that a tear or two had probably spilt onto the trackpad.

The cursor was erratic and the trackpad rather unresponsive. That is when I came across this post. I have followed all instructions, beginning with the advice to switch off and disconnect from power, then flip. I literally bought the Mac with my only savings. I also need to travel to a dangerous city in Asia for my work for 1 month in just 6 weeks time, and am really wondering if its a good idea to travel with my MacBook Pro given it seems so sensitive.

I had no issues whatsoever with my iBook that I used for 7 yrs and took into the field with me. I have spilled one glass of water on my macbook pro retina about a week ago. I just put 3 large bags of silica gel on and above the keyboard area and put it in a bag for 48 hours. Of course, I cleaned all of the water before doing that by holding it upside down for one day.

I observed that silica gels are able to absorb all of the moisture if you put the computer in a closed system. I read so many stories and advices, but from by experience putting silica gels on the keyboard area is the best way to get rid of all of the water. The only problem was some of them stuck in the gap where the screen and keyboard connects, but it was easy to remove them with the help of a stick.

My daughter spilled about an 8 ounce cup of water on my MacBook Pro… pretty much the keyboard and trackpad was doused. Acting on instinct at the time, I flipped it over, dried it down with a shamwow while holding upside down, rested it upside down on lots of paper towels, then found this site! Set it up on a metal woven fruit basket with a fan underneath no towel about 4 inches away, for 3 days. Turned it on this morning, worked perfectly! My savior. My new bae.

My everything. Life was over as I knew it. I dried up all the wine I could see with a towel and decided to put it in some rice. I grabbed a garbage bag and put a whole bag of rice in it. I set my computer up like a teepee inside the bag. I sealed it and prayed. Four days later I opened it and tried to start it. It was the most magical moment.

I will let you kneow! By this point, I had a little head buzz, and was also drinking a water bottle profusely. I thought there was no hope. I immediately got on google and started tires search what I could possibly do. Anyways, I left it propped up for about 2 hours until I left. I did that for about 15 minutes and then propped it up on the side of my night stand over night. I made sure my room was stayed cool with cold air flowing through my room all night.

I left it like this upside down for the entire day and would periodically blow dry it over and over. No damage and is working perfectly. Xoxo — happy saving your Mac! Glad to hear you saved your Mac from liquid damage!

I'm always usually right !

I used comp-pros. I literally tried everything before— putting it in rice, blowdrying it, alcohol, and nothing worked. I ended up paying a couple hundred and these guys had it back to me in 2 days. The next day, I put my laptop in a box over dehumidifier bought from Home Depot and kept it there for an entire week before trying to turn it in again, and so far everything seems to be alright — even the windows that I had open are still there.

I on it tho: I wiped them up, and continued. The laptop was fine. I shut it, and put it away, thinking all was fine. The orange light turned green, I opened it and tried to turn it on. Then it hit me…. I have it sealed in foodsaver vacuum sealed bag with 4 silicone packets.

It is a work laptop, brand new 6 weeks ago. I am not authorized to send for service, and must try to mitigate the damage on my own if at all possible, but I don't want to risk causing damage either. Worst case scenario: I don't hand it to tech now, and my delay and attempt to dry it out causes worse consequences.

Since I already powered it up and turned it on once, it seems most likely that I already did the damage, and am trying a Hail Mary. My question now is, should I wait the four days and if it works then just keep on using it, or should I take it straight to a repair place because the wine will corrode things?

Please help! What can i do!! This afternoon around 5pm my son lent across me to turn the volume up on my Mac Airbook and in the process knocked a full glass of water all over the computer. I was both livid and devastated in equal measure! I have to say as I looked at my dead, forlorn Mac dangling upside down with a cheap fan blowing air on it under a crate left behind by the Tesco delivery driver I did not hold out much hope.

My son could still be heard sobbing in his bedroom. Many thanks: You have 69 hours more of drying to do before even considering turning it on. I will leave it for another few days. Thanks for the advice. Diet coke. Got it turned off and upside down instantly. Used a blow drier for about 30 minutes, and then suspended it over a hot-air furnace floor vent, turned the heat up, and left it for the rest of the day.

The computer works fine, but the retina display has shadows and the colors are not right. No fluid got into the display. If I have to replace this laptop, the savings will pay for much of it. Apples for kids and spouse; it adds up. My cat knocked over a glass of water on my bed next to my laptop that was sitting closed. The worst of it, was this just happened to me oh 3 months ago!!! That time I tried to power on and. I was desperate to see if it worked but also knew to wait.

My daughter pushed me to see since it had been almost 4 days. Well, I am typing on it and I am SO happy it works!!!! They told me to buy a new one. Right now I have set up the fan thing so I am hoping it is not to late my for Mac to revive. I was so in shock, I couldnt believe it happened- I am always so careful with my electronics. It went directly on the trackpad and the area around it, also on my keyboard but luckily i had a keyboard cover and I am pretty sure none got in the actual keyboard or the bottom of the laptop. I ran around for a few minutes trying to find a towel to clean it up….

I dried it off with a towel, a hairdryer and its been turned off since, and I put some rice over the trackpad. I plugged in my charger earlier today and the green charging light came on… but I am unsure if that means if I am in the clear or not. I am going to try and turn it back on tomorrow and will post an update, but I am praying that it still works! My lesson has been learned.. This technique worked like a charm and I had no damage. One day of fan and one day of rice and was perfect. I did get rice in my computer so I had to get the apple store to open my computer and remove it.

Thankyou for reply. I knocked over a cap of tea on my macbook. Thanks in advance. It says use a fan, it does not say to use a heater. You used the Mac when it was wet, it probably short circuited some hardware. You will likely need to take it to an Apple Store to get fixed and repaired. I pored Coco cola over my laptop today.

I first turned it over let most of the water dry out then put it in rice. I already got it fixed before for water damage: I spilled a whole glass of water on my Macbook Pro today. I used a hairdryer to blow on the vents to try to dry up as much as possible — note: I sprayed liberally onto the keyboard and vents and dabbed dry the excess.

Better safe than sorry, you should let the MacBook dry out completely for 48 to 72 hours, while off, with a fan to be safe. I spilled water on my bed while sleeping, the water traveled to my MacBook Air and entered through the bottom. I found water in most of the plugs, and where the screen and keyboard meet. Should I wait it out with the upside fan method or just throw it in rice?!

My cat spilled whole coffee on my Mac Pro, I turned it upside down right away and used the fan method smaller fan in laundry basket without the tower. Ten days later, it turns on. When I rebooted it the question mark folder shows up and I used Apple Hardward Testing info, holding the D button while booting up. Now it worked except the wifi, maybe it busted. Any tip?! Thanks by the way.

My MBP is my everything. My whole life depends on it. I use it for work and accidentally spilled a cup of tea onto the precious thing. Never have I been so disappointed in myself.

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The liquid seeped in almost everywhere, keyboard, the back of the keyboard …god knows where else. In a state of panic I immediately took the cable off and turned it upside down onto a towel. Stupid enough I tried to switch the MBP again. I spilled an entire cup of water on my MBP the screen did not shut off at all and it was making weird noises, I unplugged and turned it off I turned it upside down on a towel after I dried it off, and when I looked at it the caps lock key had the light still on.

I really would like to have it on today as I have a major assignment due. It got pretty soaked before I discovered it the next morning. After shaking a few tablespoons of h2o out of it, it was as dead as Jesus. The Mac started right up the next morning 10 hours!! Halleluiah, God lives! My spill was a cloudy Yerba mate tea with soy milk creamer and sugar in it, covering the left side of my keypad. Boom — mop it up, unplug it and in 4 seconds screen goes black. Immediately unplug and turn keyboard-down directly on paper towels on the desk. Left for 2 hours.

Came back, hit return amd screen still black — power off and read this site. My instinct told me to get my super powerful home vacuum and I sucked the keyboard for several minutes with very high level vacuum. Then I sat with a hair dryer on cool setting for maybe 15 minutes, directly on keyboard upside down in my lap. Powered up, it appears completely fine!

Gray screen eventually turned to my login page. Try vacuum and cool hairdryer tricks, the worked for me: Thanks, laptop angels! Hey last night I spilled some water on my husbands macbook pro it was closed at the time i wiped the top and moved it.. My wife spilled half a cup of coffee on her Mac air. It hit both the screen and keyboard.

I figured a fair bit of coffee with cream got in. The screen was blank and I did not know if it was on or off. I took off the back to disconnect the battery, which is no easy job. The screws have a tiny torx head. I have a kit of special screw driver tips but none were small enough. I instead used a small jewelers screwdriver that I filed down slightly to span the torx star.

I got all but one out and had to drill off the head of that one. I took out the 5 screws holding the battery pack after unplugging the multipin connector. There was about 1 cc of coffee free in the case. I rinsed the entire case and circuit board thoroughly with a quart of distilled water and then with denatured alcohol and dried it out in front of my wood stove 2 feet away with a fan on it too.

When I could no longer smell any alcohol, I tried it and it started up. There was one corner of the screen that had a watermark-like change but the screen still displayed. I spilt beer on my keyboard on my MacBook Air and it immediately shut off. I panicked, turned it upside down and used a towel to soak up any liquid on the outside.

I tried turning it back on, and the screen came on for a second then turned off again. I found this thread, but my computer, without the towel, over the fan for 5 days and when I turned it back in it worked as normal. Did the same thing everyone else did- sounds like I tried to resolve it in the same way too. Cup of water was the culprit. So 95 hours to go. Checked out the applecare- does not cover water damage. I did all of the steps that everyone has mentioned, but it took me a good 30 minutes from the incident to removal to get the screwdrivers necessary for taking it apart- do you think that this amount of time has proven to be average or too long?

The guessing game. Anyway, if anyone had to take that long to get the battery removal started, let me know how it turned out for you. My daughter spilled water on her MacBook Air and the screen was looking really weird backwards writing that snaked around the screen. I immediately turned it off and found this site and set up a similar set up. I did not touch it for a few days and the computer is now as good as ever.

Spilled coffee, soda or water on your laptop? Here's what you need to do

It has been about 8 months! So thank you thank you for great advice!! I had placed my MacBook Air on a table, and a flower vase was tipped over next to it. I watched it all happened, so within a split second I had scooped up the computer and wrapped it in a dish towel. I immediately used a more fluffy, absorbent bath towel, Q-tips, and paper towels to dry off the exterior, although I could barely find any wet spots my shirt had gotten wet as well when the vase tipped, so it rubbed against the exterior for a second when I was holding it, and that was the only wet area I could see.

I had a plastic Speck case on the computer, but the bottom fell off a few months ago, so at the time of the spill there was only the top part of the case on. Although there were only around 2 or 3 seconds between the moment of the spill and the time I was fervently drying it off, I think the bottom of the computer might have come into contact with the water. I also tried putting the charger in for a quick sec, but nothing happened as well no little orange light , so I took it off.

As I said, my sister and I used cotton and such to wipe down the keyboard, crannies, and such as best we could, and now we have it sitting upside down. Our house is pretty dry, so hopefully that will help. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. When he saw it outside, I rushed it in and dried the exterior off with a towel. The next day, I plugged it in tentatively and it worked! Still have it today: I think it was pretty dumb of me to try it after only one day though, so if it happens to you, you should probably wait around days just to be safe.

Should I look it up and risk it? Is it relatively simple? Or would I do more damage just trying it? Thank you! Once I used all the napkins I shook out as much juice out as I can and went inside to grab more napkins and wiped again! At this point I was freaking out so keeping my laptop upside down walked to my car and drove home. I once again tried to shake out any other liquid then found this article. I fiddled with it for 30 mins, so far so good, nothing out of the norm! Laptop is shut down for now will check it again tomorrow , if anything happens I will be sure to follow up with a post. Thanks for posting about this topic!

Definitely was a huge help!!! Just successfully recovered a MacBook Pro from a dropped glass of water over the keyboard and screen. The notebook was powered on and being charged when the incident happened. The notebook shut off by itself. Kept the power off and just dried the keyboard and exterior with paper towels. Then placed it in a pillowcase and inside a full new bucket of kitty litter.

Removed it 72 hours later, plugged it in, pressed the power and heard the beautiful boot orchestra. The track pad and keyboard work. All is well!! Interesting strategy, glad you got your MacBook Pro working despite the water glass on it! Was at the library doing some studying when I reached over my MacBook and spilled some water from my waterbottle onto the keyboard. I quickly turned off the laptop, cleaned up any visible water, and flipped it upside down trying to shake any water out off the keyboard.

I spilled a tiny bit of water on my macbook air while it was charging It was a freak accident, but too long to explain It immediately shut down on its own. I panicked and became hysterical. Lucky for me my co-workers sprung into action, and did the crate, towel, fan trick, and turned my laptop keyboard face down for it to dry out.

I decided to share my story because the online forums brought me comfort when I was panicking. My water scare worked out, so keep hope alive and follow the advice of these forums. Because my purchase was so recent, and I still had time to purchase the warranty, and so now if my laptop messes up later, then they will fix it at no charge.

Good luck everyone! Sorry for the misinformation, I was misinformed by the Sales Assoc. I just spilled a large glass of tea right on to the keyboard of my MacBook air. I was quick to turn it updated down and get a towel under it. I noticed some trees coming out the ports though.

The computer was on at the time and it took on a life of its own before I could get it powered down. I am n San Jose del Cabo on vacation. I have A fan under it now. Keeping fingers crossed. Will update once I have a chance to let it dry or and determine if all is well.

Reading all of these comments gives me hope that I can save my MBP! Is the towel an essential part of this recovery process or does placing it upside down over the crate with the fan completely exposed work too? I worry that the towel is too thick and that the circulation of the fan is not reaching the keyboard as it should. All seemed well when I powered the computer back on after 72 hours. But unfortunately my trackpad and keyboard quit working from time to time. I declined and doubt in will drop that. I am not in a huge hurry.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Let it dry out and then run Apple Hardware Test and see if it tells you anything. Another option is to sell as water damaged machine on Ebay for parts, then use those proceeds to buy a new Mac. Many great suggestions here. My MacBook was sitting in bottom of laundry basket I was using to transport various items to our cabin. After the two day trip I found my MacBook soaking in wine. Too late for disconnecting battery. What to do? Apple repair,,,,, no warranty from liquids. I began dismantling to establish the extent of liquid inside and attempted to save my hard drive.

No such luck. All items of importance were backed up. The whole thing was very sad, and my boss was not happy with me. This had all happened around May 11th. From two months ago. An act of the Computer Gods. Never lose hope! I spilled half a cup of coffee on my macbook pro and my heart dropped but I was able to flip it over as fast as possible.

The screen was still on at that time so I shut it down and seached for ways to save it and came across this site. So I tried to turn it off and a few minutes later there was this beeping sound 5 sec interval and I was losing it so I rushed it over to an apple service centre closed it but holding it upside down the whole way. I arrived there an hour since the accident and the consultant attached a cable to it and did what I assumed was a hardware scan because there were little icons showing the different hardware component.

Just spilled a drink of lemon water and Curacao on my laptop yesterday. I decided to have a drink and listen to some music before bed. I turned it upside down and used a towel. The computer made weird noises and the screen was flickering bUT the key board was fine. So I closed it. Here is an entire article dedicated to what you should do when liquid gets on your MacBook Air: If you follow that article and the instructions, you might be able to save the MacBook from liquid damage.

Many thanks for this advice. I spilled a few ounces of sparkling water on my Macbook Air. I did not turn the machine off right away, just wiped off the keyboard and touchpad and kept working. This led me here on another computer where I thought I had really blown it by not shutting down immediately! I did not have one of those plastic crates but did have a bankers box, grate and small fan. I blew air from beneath the keyboard for 4 days before restarting. The machine restarted just fine and will accept a charge. I feel extremely fortunate that I did not fry the machine.

I turned it off, took the battery out and tried to drain it, before taking it to the London Regeants St Apple store who said I could have an appointment at the Genius Bar in 4 days and it would likely take weeks for repair, if possible. I work from home and realised that it needed to be looked at straight away to avoid more damage so rang an independent repairer who allowed me to drop it off at his home after hours so he could start drying it straight away.

I picked it up at 11am the today, clean as a whistle and working perfectly. The guy said the longer I had waited the more damage would have happened. The best thing I can suggest is just take it somewhere ASAP and leave it in more capable hands than your own. I've just had an incident with a glass of cranberry juice and my MacBook - I don't suppose you have that guys number please? I spilt some cola in the top right corner of my unibody macbook. I tried to search around for what to do and everything I saw online said to take the keys off.

A little piece of plastic flew off which came from the scissor mechanism under the key itself and after replacing the key back into the topcase it's quite wobbly and unsturdy, not to mention still sticky. I really don't want to fork over the money to have it fixed, I thought that I could do it myself and be able to laugh in Apple's money covered face, but now I don't know what to do. Any ideas?

Yikes, DIY repairs are not for the faint-hearted and a lot of research is required before attempting to disassemble your Mac. If you're not up for it then I suggest getting it professionally repaired. It's good that I had at least a plastic cover on and the battery was removed, or else it would have been fried immediately. The lights of the monitors kept on flashing.

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However for the few seconds it was on it seemed that the hardware itself isn't affected since there was no freezing or anything. Right now i'm just letting it dry by itself after aiming the hairdryer at it for around five hours. Should I turn on to check again tomorrow or bring it directly to Apple after Columbus Day? I had the exact same issue, with spilt coffee. All I did was semi close the book till it looked like a V then turned it upside down and let the liquid run out.

The keys are a little sticky but it works fine!

I am a 20 year old girl with absolutely no clue about things when my computer acts up. I googled "coffee macbook spill" as soon as i spilled coffee all over my keyboard. I'm not sure if this would make a difference but I had cream in my coffee with made it thick and possibly why it was easier to soak up, time will tell..

I just accidentally spilled my coffee on my MacBook but I believe I was lucky because the spill partially occurred on the right as it wasn't a full spill. After it spilled I grabbed my shirt on the ground soaking up the coffee right away then grabbed a hair dryer and drying it on a cool setting. After I took a small flash light for a closer inspection and it seems the coffee never had a chance to leak under the keyboard into the motherboard.

How To Deal With Spilled Coffee or Coke on Your Macbook

I was able to tell this because of the dust between the keys was untouched, so I believe I was very lucky with a lesson learned.. I had the same incident as my plus spilled into my macbook. After removal of my battery, I found that there was some burn mark and some sort of green stuff stick with the battery connector of macbook. Is the burn mark and green stuff cause by the water spilled?

Hey Nik, I had a similar problem: I have since gotten it working again, and though I can't guarantee it will work for you, it's worth a shot. This is what I did: I turned the machine upside down, let the coffee drain out. I opened the computer up. I realize now that there was no need to let it dry out, because any liquid on the board will lead to corrosion. It needs to be cleaned out first! I noticed that I didn't have any coffee on the logic board itself, since no dust was disturbed on it. But I found a crust on the battery connector, where it connects to the logic board. I unscrewed and unplugged the battery connector, and removed it from the logic board.

This corrosive crust was probably causing a short, and thus preventing the macbook from recognizing the battery. After cleaning the keyboard as best as I could, I reassembled it. The macbook once again recognized the battery! This website provides a step-by-step guide to accessing and removing the battery connector. You can also buy a replacement battery connector if yours is no longer functioning.

On a related note, today I managed to accidently spill a small amount of vinegar on my keyboard MacBook Pro 15 inch. All seems well in terms of function, but what alarms me is that now the presumed affected keys specifically f,b,v,r are visibly brighter, more radiant, even, than the rest of the keys.

Furthermore, it seems ironic that the affected keys would be brighter and essentially better suited for low-lit environments than the others. The same thing just happened to me with water though , and now my keys are lit up the same way, in that V shaped position. Have you figured anything out? I am trying to decide whether I should take it to the Apple Store, because I am under Apple Care, but I am afraid I'll get denied because of the submersion detectors.

I'd love to hear what you did. I highly suggest that you send it to an Apple Store. Spillages are never covered by warranty so you may have to fork out a reasonable sum of money to get it repaired. But at least you have an option. Sounds like the PMU is fried. What if your computer has dried out for a few days and all appears to be working? Should I still disassemble and try to clean it up? The coffee will have dried by now, but is it worth it to go in anyway?

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  • If it is working, then I don't see any reason to disassemble it, apart from cleaning any crusts of sugar that may be coating the components -- which may cause your laptop to heat up because the heat dissipation will be screwed up. He spilt a little wine on the screen itself; thankfully for him, he had a spare LCD monitor around and surprisingly, upon connecting it to the laptop, he's getting video out just fine Now here's the catch: We don't even want to bother checking with Apple India since they'll charge an arm and a leg to fix the problem.

    I spent a little time on Ebay and we stumbled upon all these people selling parts out of Hong Kong. I've got an unibody the day it came out and accidentally pushed a cup of water on the keyboard after 1 week, I was so mad. Read it again. Anyways, in both cases liquid spills aren't eligible for warranty.

    You were misreading it. The breaking into multiple pieces only refers to damage from an impact. It doesn't refer to what the service technician will have to do while repairing your laptop. Most laptop repairs require the system to be taken apart into multiple pieces. It's a minor mistake, though, since extensive liquid damage almost always ends up costing more to repair than the computer is worth.

    Better to do it yourself like you did. First, after the spill, don't panic and pick up the computer, keeping it level. That way it doesn't slosh around and possibly make matters worse. Secondly, make sure you discharge any static electricity from your body, otherwise there's a chance slight, but still there that you could fry the motherboard. Thanks, Lyndon. I totally agree about keeping it level although I didn't state it because it would contradict with taking it apart since one would have to turn it upside down to get to the screws at the bottom: Top Deals.

    By the way, all Mac laptops now have several liquid spill indicators which change color when they get wet so a technician will know that your computer has been involved in a spill! It has deductibles for accidental damages. Often, the data on the hard drive is a primary concern. Hopefully, you do a regular backup and have all your data in a safe place. You do backup your data, don't you? If you have no backup, all is not lost. Most hard drives are well sealed and normally survive spills. I can remove your drive and attempt data recovery.

    Remember - always keep your drinks away from your computer. And a silicon keyboard cover might help for the most minor accidents. The company I refer you to offers true electronic component-level repair of your computer. The first thing done with a liquid spill logic board is to clean off the liquid. This is done correctly by cleaning the board in an immersion bath with industry-standard chemical solutions and using high-powered ultrasound to remove all the contaminates. This step is essential because unless you get all the liquid off, even from under the chips and other devices, the corrosion will continue and the board will -- guaranteed -- fail again.

    Without the ultrasound, there is no way to properly clean a board. The next step is to repair any damage to the circuit board itself. This includes damaged masking, substrate damage, corroded etches and missing or damaged pads.