If the picture you're looking for does not appear on the list, save it to a different image format in the same folder. You may need to separate photos with different file formats into separate folders. To change formats, open the image in Preview or another image viewing program. Method 3. Open your photo application.

This method describes the process for Photos and iPhoto. This process has been confirmed for iPhoto 9. Select the photo. This photo must be saved to your computer, not stored in an iCloud library or on a camera.

You can drag it to your desktop to save it. On some versions of the application, you may select multiple photos, or an entire album. This will cause your desktop to cycle through all selected images. Make it your desktop using the Share button.

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Click the Share button in the top right corner. This looks like a box with a vertical arrow. Select "Set Desktop Picture. Access the original file. Some users prefer to move all their desktop pictures to one folder, and manage them from System Preferences. You can "drag and drop" the photo to your desktop to make a copy, but this may lower the quality.

Try this instead: Method 4. Open the Desktop preferences screen.

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Alter how the image fits the screen. The drop-down menu above the image pane sets the position of the image on the screen. Here's how each option works: Fill screen: Enlarges photo until screen is covered. This will cut off part of the photo if its size ratio is different from your screen. Fit to screen: Enlarges photo to fill the height of the screen.

Primary desktop background won't change

Narrow photos will have black borders on either side. Wide photos will have the sides cut off. Stretch to fill screen: Distorts photo to fill entire screen with no cut offs. Places photo in center of screen surrounded by a solid color. Repeats image in grid to fill screen. In OS If you choose an option that doesn't fill the screen, a button will appear to the right of the drop-down menu.

I moved the display dialog box TO the second monitor, and then it let me change that background. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

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Best Answer. Should be a simple checkbox, no? Popular Topics in Apple. Your Desktop wallpaper will change automatically according to the conditions you set. Of course, if you get tired of your rotating wallpaper selection, you can return to System Preferences and choose a new image source or revert back to a single image.

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