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Lets you find out who is using the tool and for what purpose.

iPerf features

Raises alert if something is found wrong, so helps in fixing before actual users get to face the problem. Besides, letting the user know about network performance, this tool also tells about the impact on enterprise application performance and end user experience, hence improving the user experience.

Mac iPerf3 (Network Speed Test Software) Install and Demonstration

This emulator lets user test real-time network issues in a test lab environment. This tool helps in finding the performance of new hardware, protocols, and application and prevents issues occurring in a production environment. NDT is a client server program which is mainly used to test network performance. This web based tool can be used to perform testing for several different network configurations on a desktop or a laptop.

This uses an enhanced server for diagnostics and also generates detailed test results which always prove helpful to the tester. Also, supports feature where results can be directly emailed to the concerned teams for faster resolution.

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This is one of the leading tools when it comes to troubleshooting networks and assessing applications. This tool can be used before and after deployment. This allows capturing networking diagnostics virtually anywhere.

Network Speed Tester - Lakehorn

This tool has been designed to help IT, teams. This lets user measure device performance over Wi-Fi. This is a free tool which helps a user in generating network traffic and analyzing networks throughput performance. This works well for both wired and wireless connections.

Supports testing for multiple network adapters, allows testing both UDP and TCP data transfer, supports multiple streams. This tool lets user test by emulating real-world network conditions. A user can test by defining conditions based on geographical location, server, network type and operator.

How to Test the Speed of Your Home Network with Iperf

Good tool to be used for testing as it helps in identifying issues before deployment. This is a tool which allows experimental evaluations of the network instead of simulation. This is a python wrapper and allows running tests on multiple tools, maintains information on which tool to run in a configuration file. This is a very powerful tool which lets user measure the performance of network devices. This is a command line tool which helps in testing throughput and blocking capabilities of NIPS network-based intrusion prevention systems.

This tool lets user replay the same attack several times hence giving an option to test and recreate test conditions. Also, it allows generation Mbps traffic. Softpedia has a lot of network tools for performing different types of checks.

Helpful answers

This allows a user to record VOIP properties and verify without installing the actual device. It comes with a comprehensive UI and easy to use tool since most of the tasks are automated. Traffic Emulator is another great tool by Softpedia which helps network team in emulating traffic to ensure all network components work properly even under heavy traffic.

Mainly it helps in identifying any existing vulnerability that might result in device failure under heavy traffic load. This is very handy and simple tool which lets the user find out if ports are open or not. This allows testing multiple ports through a specific IP address. This comes with a very simple UI and can be used by anyone. NetBrute Scanner consists of 3 open easy to use network tools. PortScan, its second tool allows scanning for available internet services, and third tool Web Brute allows scanning web directories that are protected with HTTP authentication. This free tool is designed to run on Windows OS and allows real-time network monitoring.

This has a unique architecture which allows a flexi number of users without adding any wiring and access points that too without impacting performance. This tool from Spiceworks is a great tool for monitoring Network, can be used to isolate and fix issues before they are seen by real users. It also has a feature which lets users customize alerts and notifications.

Provides dynamic dashboard making it easy to use, allows tracking bandwidth usage and saturation and supports troubleshooting and debugging if any process and service go down. Also, provides the excellent analytical feature where a user can analyze network trends and also compare historic network performance. This is a network traffic analytics tool which can provide information on real-time bandwidth performance.

Besides network forensics and network analysis, it also helps user optimize bandwidth usage. Network Speed Tester might seem a bit geeky at first, because it has plenty of features, but what you need to know shows up in graphic form. The trick here is what is called client server technology. In SpeedTest. The list of features and options is extensive considering the nominal price tag. When using Network Speed Tester at the office during a test, we found a couple of older Wi-Fi routers which were not as fast as the newer I work for a US technology company in St.

My wife said it would improve our marriage, give us more friends, and reduce stress. I guess that two out of three isn't bad. Read more of my articles here. Local vs. Internet One of the easier ways to check your internet connection and performance is the website and app called SpeedTest. What you get is simple to use app with simple graphs to display local network performance.